Automated testing of webservices

I’ve been using SoapUI in projects as a tool for ad-hoc verification and testing of various services on different environments.
I have a “todo list” which includes “Automate the testing of webservices using soapUI and Jenkins(nee Hudson)” for some time now.
Today is the day to tackle that particular issue.
If, like me, you already have your test XML requests then this should be pretty straight forward.
Step 1
The first step is to create a Functional Test Suite in your Soap-ui project. I’m not going to discuss how to do this. The SoapUI docs cover this off perfectly well.
Ofcourse, if it’s load testing you need, thats covered too.
Step 2
Next, you need to utilse the EviWare Maven 2 plugin. This will allow Jenkins to be able to execute the project.
This plugin is available from the EviWare plugin repository, so you’ll need to update your Maven settings.xml:


So, you should have a soapui project with all your tests configured. Now you need to create a maven project:

pom.xml :

<project xmlns=""
   <name>ubyfish WS regression suite</name>
   <description>Automated testing of webservices</description>
				<!-- where is my soapui project file relative to the pom.xml-->

As you can see from the line


The the SoapUI project needs to live in the src/test/soapui directory, so create that an put it in.

Step 3
Test it. You can now do a mvn test or mvn clean package to try it out.
Providing you can access tne EviWare plugin repository, and your test project is configured ok, it should work. Once you’re happy set it up in your Jenkins-ci server and .. Hey Presto!

In case things don’t quite work..

  • Ensure the SoapUI project is referenceing a URL for the WSDL definitions. This makes the project fully mobile.
  • Not sure the test are being ran? Check the console output. The surefire reports are minimal, but the console will show you the tests being execute.


  1. bimki



    I’ve one question. Is it possible to distribute load testing to more servers with soapui agent installed?
    I have to siumulate about 10 000 connections, so testing 10000 threads from one server is impossible…

    Please let me know if is it possible to install some agens on 4-5 servers and run bin test from jenkins/hudson and agreagete results from all agents?

    kind regards

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